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Company Profile


ACQUA NINE Sdn Bhd,  a marketing arm of Waterful H2O Sdn Bhd, is a Malaysian Company locally owned and operated.  Our “Quality Policy” is to maintain stringent standards to ensure our bottled Ionized Alkaline Drinking Water and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water is of consistent quality, pure and safe, while ensuring good taste. The finest quality products, presented in the highest quality packaging, have proved for the company to be a recipe for success.


Our manufacturing plant is located at No.2, Jalan 36/10A Taman Perindustrian, Batu Caves, 68100 Wilayah Persekutuan.  Our manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest technology that comprises of fully automated advanced technology machinery. These advanced equipment are manned by trained and experienced individuals in order to produce Superior Quality Products.  The water filtration treatment system fully complies with the requirements of the Government Food & Safety Regulations.


WATERFUL H2O SDN BHD is an approved manufacturer of bottled drinking water by the Ministry of Health (MOH) –


License No. KKM 163(52/W/17).


As testament of our commitment in delivering high quality products, we have successfully obtained the following certifications:


  • HALAL Certification License No. MS 1500:2009 | 1163-01/2014,

  • HACCP  Certification  License No. AR 6149 (MS 1480:2007)

  • ISO 22000 Certificate License No. AR 6150 (ISO 22000:2005).

  • Buatan Malaysia. Reg No: KPDN (BPP) 26/488/1 JLD. 27 (9)

  • MeSTI Reg No: 78/W/000032-070214

  • Ministry Of Finance Reg No: K22154529871342903


Additionally, we have added an in-house plastic division to produce our own bottles to better control the quality and consistency. Our PET Bottles are BPA FREE.



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